When you wish to grow your wealth, it is imperative that your bank understands your specific goals, preferences and, critically, tolerance for risk. Based on your personal circumstances and individual financial objectives, we can help you manage your investments in a manner that is aligned with your risk profile as well as your return expectations.


The combination of industry experience and deep regional understanding means we can provide you with expert corporate finance & investment banking advice across different sectors, including, but not limited to, food & beverage, retail, oil & gas, healthcare and education. Our investment banking service experts can advise you across a range of opportunities, including the following:


Our approach to M&A is strategic, discrete and solution oriented. Our relationship-based approach means that we always focus on our client’s strategic business objectives in any transaction we are involved in. We are committed to provide senior level attention and independent advice to assist leading companies, entrepreneurs and family businesses maximize value and limit the risks associated with executing their acquisition or divestiture plans. We have extensive experience managing complex investment banking processes and negotiating favorable deal terms for clients involved in landmark M&A situations. Our ability to access an expansive network of strategic and financial investors has proven to be one of our key strengths when advising clients looking to divest their interest in a particular business.


Our clients benefit from our extensive ECM experience and strong relationships with individual and institutional investors across the Middle East. Whether you are looking to raise capital through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Rights Offerings or Private Placements, our dedicated team of investment finance will advise you on the most effective route and help you execute the transaction successfully.


We are well-positioned to advise, arrange, and distribute a broad spectrum of DCM instruments, covering disintermediation (e.g. bonds, commercial papers) and secularization.


We distinguish ourselves also by being able to bring our balance sheet to the table and provide financial support to the transactions of our clients. Whether the requirement is for acquisition finance or underwriting of a capital raising activity, Trade International Committee would be in a position to independently evaluate and if satisfied, approve Trade International exposure to transactions our Investment Banking team is engaged on.