When you wish to grow your wealth, it is imperative that your bank understands your specific goals, preferences and tolerance for risk. Based on your personal circumstances and individual financial objectives, we can help you manage your investments in a manner that is aligned with your risk profile as well as your return expectations.


Trade Bank is made of a Group of financial entities across the globe all working in tandem and unison to what is generically know as TRADE BANK.  Trade Bank generically is a group of companies with diversified interests in Real Estate, Trade Finance and Banking.TRADE BANK is a global Trade Finance and Investment Provider with a strong team of business professionals with varied experience in Banking and Financial services.


We are a relationship-driven organization, focused on building long-term partnerships based on a foundation of trust, stability and integrity. We take the time to understand your individual needs holistically, which allows us to provide you with customised solutions structured specifically for your unique set of circumstances and your specific financial objectives.


We are fully committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. This encompasses accurate and transparent reporting and full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our business. 


Our Board of Directors and Advisors provide governance and oversight regarding the strategy, operations and management of TRADE BANK


Trade Bank is a generic name for a Group of Financial companies operating quasi independently with close links to each other on a global basis. Trade Bank offers a wide-range of investment and banking services to an exclusive, but diverse, client base of high-net-worth individuals from across the region and around the world.